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Eyelid Surgeries


This surgery is performed on either the upper or lower eyelid. Its purpose is to reshape the eyelid via removal and/or reposition of excess tissue, as well as the reinforcement of surrounding muscles and tendons. In most cases, lower eyelid blepharoplasty is performed for the cosmetic purpose of removing puffiness or ‘bags’ under the eyes. 

Upper eyelid blepharoplasty, however, is performed for both cosmetic reasons and to correct the loss of peripheral vision caused by the presence of excess skin and/or fat hanging over the eyelash and causing approximately 30% of the visual field to be blocked. In many cases, this surgery is covered by the patient's medical insurance. 

The surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes one to three hours. 


This surgery is performed to correct a condition in which the eyelid (most often the lower eyelid) turns in towards the eye and causes severe irritation to the eye as a result of the constant friction between the skin of the eyelid, eyelashes and the surface of the eye. If not treated, entropian can lead to a possible infection and ultimately, permanent damage to the eye. 


This surgery is performed to correct a condition in which the lower eyelid turns outward (or sags) and leaves the eye exposed to dryness and environmental elements. If not treated, ectropian can lead to infection, tearing and changes in sight.