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Implantable Contact Lenses

Welcome to the Empire Eye Surgery Center. Our facility is designed to comfort patients in an extraordinary professional setting. We offer you a remarkable combination of advanced surgical skill and state-of-the-art medical technology. Our elite team of eye physicians and staff are here to care for you in a very personalized manner. 

The information that follows is designed to give you a better understanding of Implantable Contact Lenses so you can decide if this procedure is right for you or a loved one. 

Implantable Contact Lens surgery differs from LASIK and PRK in that it does not alter the structure of the eye and does not involve tissue removal. Rather, this surgery involves obtaining an ICL specific to your prescription, creating a small opening in the eye and inserting the ICL behind the iris and in front of the eye's crystalline lens. The ICL works naturally with your eye's optical system to enhance its performance. 

If after meeting with one of our physicians, it is decided you are a candidate for this surgery, you will be scheduled for an outpatient procedure at our facility. On the day of your surgery we recommend you have someone designated to drive you home. The procedure takes only 30 minutes. Your eye may be covered with a protective shield following surgery and the doctor will ask you not to drive for a while and to avoid any activity which might cause unnecessary strain to your eye. You will most likely be given eyedrops and an oral medication. You will also be asked to return the next day for a follow-up visit. 

We encourage you to phone our office at (800) 872-6132 and speak with one of our staff members regarding any questions you may have.
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