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Welcome to the surgical facility of The Laser Institute at Empire Eye Physicians. Our facility is designed to comfort patients in an extraordinary professional setting. We offer you a remarkable combination of advanced surgical skill and state-of-the-art medical laser technology. Our elite team of eye physicians and staff are here to care for you in a very personalized manner. 

The information that follows is designed to give you a better understanding of PRK eye surgery so you can decide if PRK is right for you or a loved one. 

Photorefractive Keratectomy or PRK is a procedure similar to LASIK and was actually a pre-cursor to LASIK. PRK surgery involves most of the same process as LASIK with one major exception. Unlike LASIK, where a permanent flap is created, in PRK surgery the physician gently removes the surface of the cornea and then applies the laser to the exposed corneal tissue to reshape the curvature of the eye. A contact lens is then placed on the cornea for several days until the cornea is healed. 

When considering LASIK or PRK, the best solution is always to schedule a consult with one of our physicians. We also recommend you review the information contained here on our web site with regard to LASIK surgery. There is no single solution for every individual, as we all differ in our medical history and specific needs. 

We encourage you to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members prior to making any decisions regarding eye surgery. 

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